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Tropicana ~Barefoot Dreamers~ Backup

The Barefoot Dreamers website can be found here:

At Barefoot Dreamers we have one of our regions hosted in case the OSgrid is closed for maintenance or offline for any reason. This is a very friendly grid operated by owners Huga Bug and Gabe Collingwood.

The Barefoot Dreamers Grid offers free services, like the OSGrid. The Grid-Services are provided by the grid operators free of charge. The grid also offers regions for sale.

Everyone is welcome on this region and when the OSgrid goes down - as it inevitably will from time to time, at least you will have a place to go. Sign up for your Barefoot Dreamers Avatar today. 

Firestorm Viewer Settings: The Firestorm viewer settings for Barefoot Dreamers should look like the example below.

Once you have entered all these details just login with your new Barefoot Dreamers Avatar and head for the Tropicana  region. From there you will find teleports to our Complete Avatar Store so that you can make a nice avatar quickly.

Our backup region in Barefoot Dreamers can be found here:

Barefoot Dreamers Viewer Settings


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