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Tropicana ~ Coastguard / Caretaker


The Coastguard and Caretaker role is an important part of building our community. Each appointed coastguard looks after the region that they live in and are responsible for.


Coastguards or Caretakers can be seen as a kind of Neighborhood Watch Scheme. A caretaker is someone who actively uses the region upon which they have their main primary home. The person who holds this title is responsible for the well being of the region that they administer.


How does someone qualify for the role of Coastguard?


1. Their avatar must be an OSgrid avatar which is at least 6 months old and be a forum member.

2. The Coastguard will be expected to know about bulding & groups for admin purposes.

3. The title holder will be sociable and diplomatic and assist locals to their region.

4. The title holder will administer bad builds or unsightly buildings in the region.

5. The title holder will online regularly and have their primary home in the region.

6. The title holder can appoint helpers to assist them.

7. The title holder will be given an office on the region.

8. The title holder will patrol the region regularly and check for potential issues.

9. The title holder will make recommendations that they feel will benefit their community

10. The title holder will be a member of the coastguard group.


The Headquarters of the Coastguard group is on Tropicana, our main Welcome Island. The Coastguard will be a member of the Coastguard Group and wear this title at all times so that residents can see they are the region administrator.


What powers does a Coastguard Hold?


1. Your regional Coastguard Caretaker has the power to eject or recommend eject or ban of anyone griefing or causing trouble in the region.

2. The role is not a building role. The regions are already built and we do not want them changed in any way. However the coastguard will report back any problems with the region or the builds of residents or issues with NPC's or other matters that may be causing problems.

3. The coastguard is there to help residents. They are helping to administer the region and its rental properties. Their recommendations are important to us. Please assist them as much as you can.


This is a very new role and it will develop over time. We hope to have regular Coastguard meetings when we have appointed an administrator in each region. Thank you for being part of the Tropicana community.





1. Due to the nature of opensim people drift away, return and RL takes its toll on our commitment. This is normal. We reserve the right to terminate / appoint and re-appoint individuals as necessary. Your online presence is the most important factor in your role as coastguard.


2. In the event that you cannot be online for a time we will endeavour to find another Coastguard who will be appointed with the same group tag to assist whilst you are away and ongoing as an assistant in your absence.


3. Coastguards will use the OSgrid Coast guard patrol boat whilst on sea patrol checking the regions. Please wear your Coastguard tag at all times. Coastguards have a dedicated office on each region.

For further details contact Blancanieves Levee

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