Tropicana ~Second Life

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Our move to Second Life was intended to be a temporary arrangement. It was originally intended as a backup area for when the OSgrid in Opensim closed. However, since then it has become a staging point many migrants from the OSgrid. Our small landing area in the sailable and flyable regions of Fruit Islands is open to all our Tropicana friends. You can rez your boat or yacht here and explore the local area.

We use this facility as a springboard from which to explore the wider Second Life but its value as a social community centre has become well established now.  

We have tried in the past to set up various backup regions in Opensim for use when the OSgrid is down. Unfortunately they failed for unreliability and just caused confusion and annoyance for many users.

Since many of us also have accounts at Second Life it seemed that the most sensible option would be to create a landing point and meeting area there instead of in Opensim.

It is easy to create an avatar in Second Life. Just click on this link, click on the sign up tab and follow the instructions:

The location of Tropicana Hangout can be found here:

To logIn to Second Life you do not even need to change your viewer. Whilst there are viewers for Opensim and Second Life, your Opensim Firestorm viewer will work just fine.

Once you have created your Second Life avatar just open your viewer, change the grid name to Second Life and login.

Our Hangout provides a Welcome Area and a place to meet up with others and rez. Everyone at Tropicana is welcome to use this facility. 

You do not need to spend a fortune in SL. There are plenty of free items and some absolutely stunning mesh avatars can be created totally free. Take a look at some of the examples on You Tube.