Tropicana ~Metropolis~ Backup region

The Metropolis website can be found here:

At Metropolis we have one of our regions hosted in case the OSgrid is closed for maintenance or offline for any reason.

The Metropolis-Grid offers free services, like the OSGrid. The Grid-Services are provided by the grid operators free of charge. 

Firestorm Viewer Settings: The Firestorm viewer does have Metropolis Metaversum listed but the configuration may be incorrect.

To rectify this open your viewer. Go to viewer > Preferences > opensim tabs. Where it says "Add new grid" enter this information: and click the apply button.

Your settings should end up looking like the ones in the image below. Once you have entered all these details just login with your new Metropolis avatar and head for the Tropicana Welcome region. 

Our backup region in Metropolis can be found here:

Metropolis Viewer Settings