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Tropicana ~Alternative Metaverse~ Backup

At Alternative Metaverse we have one of our regions hosted in case the OSgrid is closed for maintenance or offline for any reason.

Our backup region in Alternative Metaverse can be found on the opensim directory here: Welcome

Welcome Board.jpg

The Firestorm Viewer already comes with Alternative Metaverse listed in its grids directory so it is simply a matter of registering your new avatar, selecting Alternative Metaverse from the viewers login menu and logging in.

Alternate Metaverse opened their doors to the public on December 5th 2019 and is a very stable grid running on a mix of servers across the globe. It uses the Gloebits currency and regions are bullet sim enabled.

The grid is operated by a very dedicated team and many of you will know Cataplexia and Clifford. 

The Alternative Metaverse website can be found here:

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