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How to use your control panel

Upload, download oar files and backups

Our arrangement with Oliveira allows us to login to your own control panel with Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google. Follow the video above which explains how you use the panel to control your region. This is the link to the Oliveira website:
Fernando operates the server for us. If you have any technical questions you can contact him through Discord or email. It is important to know that your creations are safe. However, the moment you venture out of your own region people can copy your objects when they own the land. This is done via something called GOD rights. Enabling GOD rights means you can effectively change the permissions of objects or force ownership to you. 
Many grids shut off GOD rights for obvious reasons. Yours have not been turned off. Click the Developer tab on your viewer. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and: Request Admin Status. And admin tab will then appear next to your Developer tap. From here you can force permissions. Please use this with extreme caution. It only works on your own land.
With regard to managing your region this video provides an excellent tutorial. She is using the Second Life viewer but the settings are pretty much the same as in opensim.
Fernando on Discord: FFOliveira [ FFOliveira#1149 ]
Online Support tickets: 
Note: There is no requirement for terrain manager or user admin facility on the new control panel so you might find a couple of things different. The basics functions are explained.

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