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Tropicana ~Neverworld~ Backup

Neverworld TB.jpg

We also have a backup at Neverworld. In truth we struggled with this grid. Every time we needed to use it you told us you either couldn't get there or things would not rezz, or both. 

When we did get there the region seemed incapable of coping with more than two or three avatars and would crash very easily. For this reason we are no longer recommending our region on Neverworld as a stable or viable alternative when the OSgrid is down. 


You may need to add Neverworld to your viewer


To create an avatar go here:

Make sure you have the latest version of the Firestorm viewer or download the viewer here:

Now open your viewer. Go to viewer > Preferences > opensim tabs. Where it says "Add new grid" enter this information:

 and click the apply button.

You should now be able to login to Neverworld using your newly registered avatar name and password.

​* Tropicana at Neverworld is no longer listed on the Opensim Directory website.

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