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1. From 17th October 2023 only avatars from the OSgrid will be permitted to rent properties and land at Tropicana.

2. Tenants who let their rental boxes expire will not be allowed to rent again for a period of 3 months.

3. Partner requests will only be considered if your partner is listed in your profile.

4. Avatars under 1 month in age are not permitted to rent at Tropicana.

Detailed explanation:

The Estate Office is located on the OSgrid at Tropicana Sunseekers. There are teleport boards from the Tropicana region.

This should be your first destination. A wide range of properties are available for viewing at the Estate Office. Teleports to all our property locations can be found there.  Location: Tropicana Sunseekers 601/725/23

Thank you for considering a property rental with us. All properties are free and provided on a first come first served basis. We are looking for long term tenants not people who move from one property to the other. We would like to point out that we have a "Use it or lose it" rentals policy. This means that if you are not using, decorating or maintaining your property or land then it will be at risk of being reclaimed. 

Once you have collected the landmarks to the properties you wish to view, you can teleport to them. Look out for the rental box near where you land at each property location. To rent the property, just click on the rental box. You can add more weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks by right clicking on the box and extending the time. Give the box a few seconds to settle while you do this. Keep this rental box topped up on a regular basis.

You will now need the group tag in order to build. We no longer send this out automatically due to abuse. Once you have rented it is important that you contact us via our Support line on the link below and inform us of which property you have rented and on what region, and that you wish to join the residents group.

This is the only way you can obtain a group invitation. Do not directly IM us. We know it is inconvenient for you but it is also very difficult for us because historically people just request group tags without telling us where they rented, or move home without informing us. This creates confusion in the Estate Office with visitors not knowing which properties are available or taken. 

Please do not let your rental box expire or your furniture and items will be returned to you immediately. 

Please only move once a month. We have to change the rental boards at the Estate Office whenever anyone rents. This creates a lot of work for us but makes it easier for you to see which properties are available. 

You can help us by using our Welcome area on the Tropicana region. This is a good place to meet people and it helps us with our region stats. You are welcome to "Set Home" here if you wish.

Before you contact us directly with a question please read the FAQ's below. Thank You.


Tropicana ~ FAQ's

1. Can I have more than one home or land?

A: No. We only allow one per person per household and that includes alts belonging to the same person ( we periodically run IP address checks for alts )'

2. Are Skyboxes allowed?

A: Sure. All we ask is that you place them at a height of over 1000 metres

3. How many prims am I allowed for my property? 

A: Our website has all this information for you Click here


4. Can I change the house?

A: No. Each property is listed on the website and at the Estate Office. Can you imagine how much work that would create for us? If you have empty land then of course you can.

5. Can I change the furniture?

A: If you took a furnished house you still have a smaller prim allowance to add your own personal things but we will not remove furniture that is already there.

6. Why do I have to ask you for a group tag?

A: Because people abused the automatic join on the group and would move house and leave furniture behind at the old rental and generally create a lot of extra work for us. 

7. Can I move house? Do I need to tell you?

A: Yes and Yes. But please move only once or month or less and after 3 months of renting with us you might like to upgrade to a VIP property subject to availability.

7aI want to move properties what do I do?

A: Clear out your old one. Terminate the rental box. Rent at your new location. Inform us of this move immediately.

8. Can i get a full region with you?

A: Yes you can. Please see our hosting section.

9. Can I "Set Home" at my rental?

A: Yes if your avatar is an OSgrid Avatar.


10. Are the land and homes free at Tropicana?

A: Yes they are

11. I have rented a blank land parcel with no landscaping. Can I have full land rights?

A: If you are an experienced builder yes you can

12: My rented land parcel has cliffs and beaches but I want to change them and have land rights. Can this be done?

A: Sorry only on blank land parcels not landscaped ones.

13: I want more privacy can I turn off public access?

A: Tropicana is open territory for sailing and flying so we do not allow ban lines. You can however have a skybox and put a security orb in it.

14. Can I have NPC's on my land or property?

A: NPC's are resource heavy. No NPC's without prior consent please. Send a support ticket to apply.

15. Can I have animesh on my land or property?

A: Yes you can but please limit the amount you use.

16. I am going away for more than a month but I want to keep my property. Can this be done please?

A: Send a support ticket with the details please. We can lock the rental box for a specific period.

17. I have an invisible prim on my land. What can I do to make it go away?

A: This is normally the debris from you having rezzed a house. It normally goes after the next region restart.

18. My Rental box is not showing my name on it?

A: Send us a support ticket and we can reset it for you.

19. Can I use a security orb for privacy?

A: Yes so long as its in a skybox and set so as not to interfere with flying and sailing below.

20. Can I make a cash donation to Tropicana?

A: You really do not need to do this. We are happy to provide these resources to people who will use them. 

21. I have purchased a region and I need support

A: Please contact our hosting partner directly. If you are not sure who this is just send us a support ticket.

22. What kind of property can I put on my land?

A: Your chosen property is expected to blend with the theme or the region that you are in. Placing and ugly out of place building which is an eyesore is likely to attract attention and a request for its removal.

23. What if I don't furnish my property?

A:You are expected to furnish, maintain and use a property otherwise what is the point of having one?

24. How do I know how many prims I have used?

A: Free prim counters are available at the Estate Office.

25. What is the prim allowance for my rental?

A: The rental box gave you this information but if you are not sure please visit your region on our website and check the prim allowance for your property.

26. How do I change the music on my land?

A: If you have full land rights you can change the music stream but most people have or can request a radio which will allow you to change the music stream.

For those that have actively supported the project we thank you. Without you it would have been impossible to have sustained it and to have coped with its rapid growth. If you want to help with this project please read on.

Simple ways that you can help Tropicana

-Please join our Discord Channel or add Mike Townsend#1367 and request an invite.

-Contribute towards our new Flikr Channel:

-Promote our website:

-Add tropicana website to your profile web section and add us in picks

-Add a comment to Opensimworld and Like Tropicana:

-Set your home to Tropicana [ Hangout ] and tp on home from there. It helps us so much.

- Attend our events and support us please

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