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Tropicana ~ Rentals

Tropicana has a large rental estate as well as some land. We also have some very prestigiuos VIP properties.  We are looking for long term residents and not people who are likely to have homes all over the grids and who are never likely to visit. Please consider this when taking out a rental. 

Please note that there are selected rentals in the Estate Office and these are administered by Mike Townsend and Lady Leasha. Please contact either of them directly for any further information or assistance. 

The Rental Agreement & Information

Thank you for considering a property rental with us. All properties are free and provided on a first come first served basis. You just need to find the rent box near where you land and rent the property by clicking on it to rent. You can add more weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks by right clicking on the box and extending the time. Give the box a few seconds to settle while you do this.

Please do not let your rental box expire or someone will claim your property. The properties are self administered so there is nothing we can do if you let your rental run out.

Please inform Mike Townsend or Lady Leasha and let them know that you have rented a property. This is Important. 

Once you have informed Mike or Leasha the group tag will be sent to you. Please consider using the Welcome area as your place to set home. This helps Tropicana grow and offers you a chance to meet other people. If we all land at the same place then by default we should get to know each other..

If you decide to move house you must send an IM to Mike Townsend or Lady Leasha. Administration and maintenance of our properties is a time consuming job. Please tell us if you move and please remove your furniture when you vacate the property. We only allow one property per person. Please respect that. Thank You.

Any abuse of the group or rentals will result in a ban from all regions. If you do not use your property regularly we reserve the right to revoke your rental. 

Further Information about Tropicana

Welcome to our community. There is a lot to explore here. This is freedom. There are no real rules except no child avatars. This is not because we dislike child avatars, but because this is an adult world and nudity and sex can be found here. 

Respect our members and they will respect you. Every region in Tropicana is LGBT friendly. We don't question what you do here. We don't care where you come from, or worry about your race or religion and we don't want to discuss politics with you either.  If you want to wander around naked, feel free. This is your right. Please be nice to people that you meet and they will be nice to you. 

Tropicana is here for its members. Its sole purpose, aims, goals, and aspirations are all for the benefit of the collective. We have something special here. We are happy that you are looking to become part of it.

Contact: Mike Townsend or Lady Leasha


Tropicana ~ FAQ's

1. Can I have more than one home or land?

A: No. We only allow one per person and that includes alts belonging to the same person ( we periodically run IP address checks for alts )'

2. Are Skyboxes allowed?

A: Sure. All we ask is that you place them at a height of over 1000 metres

3. How many prims am I allowed for my property? 

A: Our website has all this information for you


4. Can I change the house?

A: No. Each property is listed on the website and at the Estate Office. Can you imagine how much work that would create for us? If you have empty land then of course you can.

5. Can I change the furniture?

A: If you took a furnished house you still have a smaller prim allowance to add your own personal things but we will not remove furniture that is already there.

6. Why do I have to ask you for a group tag?

A: Because people abused the automatic join on the group and would move house and leave furniture behind at the old rental and generally create a lot of extra work for us. 

7. Can I move house? Do I need to tell you?

A: Yes and Yes. But please move only once or month or less and after 6 months of renting with us you might like to upgrade to a VIP property.

8. Can i get a full region with you?

A: Yes you can. Please see our hosting section.

For those that have actively supported the project we thank you. Without you it would have been impossible to have sustained it and to have coped with its rapid growth. If you want to help with this project please read on.

We could do with the following helpers:

1. Assistant Estate Office manager.
2. Greeters at Tropicana Welcome.
3. A Club Manager

Simple ways that you can help Tropicana

-Please join our Discord Channel or add Mike Townsend#1367 and request an invite.

-Contribute towards our new Flikr Channel:

-Promote our website:

-Add tropicana website to your profile web section and add us in picks

-Add a comment to Opensimworld and Like Tropicana:

-Set your home to Tropicana [ Hangout ] and tp on home from there. It helps us so much.

- Attend our events and support us please

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