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Tropicana ~ Home Insurance


Managing over 200 rental properties is no easy task. The wide range of land and properties we have require continual updating due to people staying for short periods of time. This means arranging group tags, revoking group tags when people leave, clearing their properties and keeping the Estate Office boards up to date. This is why we really do prefer long term rentals.

To rent at Tropicana all we require is that you sign in once a month and keep your box topped up. It's not difficult. If you do not keep your rental box up to date it really is not our fault. It is your responsibility to manage your rental yourself. We already do enough in providing all properties free of charge. 

That having been clarified we do understand that sometimes people just prefer the convenience of having somewhere for occassional use or do not want to be bothered about remembering when to top up their rental boxes. If you fall into this category and wish to contribute towards the cost of running all these regions then you have an option. 

We can set up a payment box in Second Life at our Tropicana Estate Office for your property here in Opensim. Your 4 week rental box will then be removed from Tropicana OSgrid and placed in SL instead. So long as you keep paying your rental in SL your land or home is covered. You can choose how far in advance you wish to pay the rent and have more control over your visits to Tropicana in the OSgrid.


Payments are in Lindens and of course not very expensive. Consider this as a home insurance against you forgetting your rental especially if you spend most of your time in SL or long periods when you do not come into OSgrid. 

NB: You need to contact Mike Townsend directly about this service. Thank You.

***Please note that if you are going on a long vacation or there are special circumstances as to why you need more time than 4 weeks rental period you do not need to take this service just for that. Contact us via the usual support channels for more details on that option.


Properties & land under 600 prims = 500 Lindens for 3 months
Properties & land over 600 prims but under 1500 prims - 750 Lindens for 3 months
Properties & land over 1500 prims = 1000 Lindens for 3 months

Residents taking out this Home Insurance can request the Tropicana VIP tag

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