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Tropicana ~ Hosting

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All regions within the Tropicana arena are 3x3 regions in size. They are all bullet sim enabled and everyone has public access by boat or by plane. This is the whole idea of having an open community for the benefit of all concerned. When you order a region from Tropicana you accept these conditions. You will leave enough sea around the central theme and you will allow public access and not disturb your neighbour. Here are the main points:

1. All regions 3x3 var regions in size
2. All regions Adult Rated
3. All regions public access
4. All regions leaving open borders and sea surrounds.
5. All region names will begin with Tropicana
6. These are residential regions not for farming or clubs

The information that we need is your OSgrid Avatar name.

The name of the region e.g. Tropicana My Paradise or Tropicana Nude Beach 

Whether you wish to pay by credit card or Paypal

Whether you want your region directly attached to the connected mainland or stand alone some distance away

Your email address for contact details

Your Discord details if you have Discord

First please discuss your project with Mike Townsend directly or send a support ticket.

Once you have decided to go ahead we will provide you with details of how to pay and find the co ordinates for your region according to whether you have joined the main area or are set aside a bit further out. Once your region is set up we can check it for you and see that all the settings are correct. 

Tropicana has many regions. Before you order you can travel around and see how the hosting works. It will give you an idea of how robust our servers our. We do not direclty operate the servers ourselves. Once an order has been placed you will be contacted by and given the details or our host  provider.

*This is not for builders looking for cheap hosting. It is for people looking to create a tropical or sub tropical environment for the Tropicana community.

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