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Tropicana Ocean Marina


Welcome to the Tropicana Sailing Club. The docks and rental piers are available to anyone. Please feel free to rent one and keep your yacht or boat here. Once you have rented a berth all you need to do is join the Tropicana Island group. Click on the green "join group" sign. Thats it. You are done!

From time to time we hope to have sailing events. Let us know if you are keen on organising something or if you would like to manage the sailing club at Tropicana Ocean.

Thank you for considering a dock rental for your boat or yacht at Tropicana. Port Michael Yachting Marina on the Tropicana Ocean region is the gateway to the huge mega sailing region of Tropicana Islands and the Metropolis beyond. Tropicana Ocean is also connected to the Tropicana main hub of regions.

All properties are free and provided on a first come first served basis. Residents and visitors alike can rent a dock here. 

You just need to find the rent box near where you land and rent the dock by clicking on it to rent. You can add more weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks by right clicking on the box and extending the time. Give the box a few seconds to settle while you do this.

There is no need to contact chat support to rent a dock here. You may have a dock here in addition to any land or home that you have already at Tropicana. However, if you do get any problems feel free to contact us.


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