First Tropicana Members Meeting!

Updated: Mar 14

It's time for our first Tropicana Members Association meeting. So much has happened since we talked about meeting up once a month. The meeting will take place at the Love Boat ( Tropicana Club ) where we have a dedicated office.

I havn't suggested a formal structure to the meetings as pretty much everything is on the agenda. I think once we get started it will flow with ideas and suggestions for what we want for the future.

To keep you up to speed here are some of the latest developments:

1. Tropicana Islands is almost complete ( Residential Area ).

2. Tropicana Haven is almost complete ( Safari Park, Airport and Docks ).

3. Tropicana Airport South is almost complete.

4. A new backup sim for when OSgrid is down is now installed at the Neverworld Grid.

5. A few shops are now available for creators at the Sandbox.

6. Chad & David's regions have migrated to the same server as most of the other regions.

7. Allie Dawson is investigating the prospect of bringing a golf course to Tropicana

8. Laurys Lau won the competition for the island sim

9.Lisa Lindner has taken a shop in the sandbox and has made a great start in making products.

10. If you havn't already done so please sign up to our Flikr account.

Circulation: Mike Townsend, David Lavine, Brock Armstrong, Cameron Satyr, Chad Deischer, Jon Sun, Joyce Daines, Emerelda Sunlight, Max Morningstar and Allie Dawson.

Discord: Mike Townsend#1367

[10:58] Jon Sun: so shall we stay here or go in meeting room?

[10:59] Mike Townsend: meeting room I guess

[10:59] Jon Sun: you need a pirate outfit Chad!

[10:59] Chad Deischer: lead the way

[10:59] Mike Townsend: And soon two good one hopefully

[10:59] Chad Deischer: LOL I have

[10:59] Now playing: Trey Songz - Trey Songz - On Top

[11:00] Chad Deischer: cozy

[11:00] Jon Sun: yeah, I like it

[11:00] Mike Townsend: Yeah better than a board room table he heh

[11:00] Chad Deischer: hehhehe

[11:00] Chad Deischer: Ok here we are

[11:01] Mike Townsend: So apart from whats on that list is there anything else we should add?

[11:01] Chad Deischer: Mike you have done wonders here

[11:01] Jon Sun: seconded

[11:01] Jon Sun: so much so fast...its been incredible

[11:01] Mike Townsend: Thanks Chad, I am just glad the building stuff has been mostly finished

[11:01] Mike Townsend: I am used to it though from SL

[11:02] Chad Deischer: I was wondering if we should parcel and let them buy the parcel

[11:02] Jon Sun: that came up during the week, yes

[11:02] Mike Townsend: We could do and that would let them change the music url and stuff

[11:02] Chad Deischer: I had a issue with one resident no being from OS

[11:02] Mike Townsend: but also involve more work for us with tenants coming and going

[11:02] Mike Townsend: Yeah maybe for non OSgrid residents we should do that?

[11:03] Chad Deischer: most are OS grid residents ?

[11:03] Chad Deischer: dont think that works

[11:03] Mike Townsend: I mean at the moment the rental boxes just default back when the rental period runs out

[11:03] Mike Townsend: Yes most are osgrid

[11:03] Jon Sun: I think thats a definite,

[11:04] Now playing: Station Ident - ENJOY SELECTION TROPICANA

[11:04] Mike Townsend: Well when I set them up I ask them if they want to change the music url

[11:04] Now playing: Ed Sheeran - Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

[11:04] Mike Townsend: Thats about the only thing thats different from the way it works now

[11:04] Chad Deischer: I know cocks non suitcase outfits do not work for non OS grid avis Oh about the rent boxes

[11:04] Chad Deischer: ohh yes

[11:05] Chad Deischer: lets leave it alone then

[11:05] Chad Deischer: Good thinking Mike

[11:05] Jon Sun: true, we could have a lose rights if no visit in a 2 month period, but Satyr has that issue in Priape

[11:05] Mike Townsend: Well I am open to whatever is best or maybe we leave it flexible

[11:05] Jon Sun: I agree, leave as is

[11:05] Chad Deischer: But about rent boxes

[11:05] Mike Townsend: Are they working ok Chad?

[11:05] Jon Sun: some Priape folk havet been in more than a year

[11:05] Chad Deischer: can we make the script let the buy 4 week intervals

[11:06] Jon Sun: I just extend lease on mine to 4 weeks

[11:06] Chad Deischer: some clic only 7 days

[11:06] Mike Townsend: They can already buy up to 4 weeks

[11:06] Chad Deischer: and forget

[11:06] Chad Deischer: but must click 4 times

[11:06] Jon Sun: maybe the month default is better then

[11:06] Mike Townsend: hmmm yeah true

[11:06] Mike Townsend: I will take a look at that

[11:06] Chad Deischer: thanks

[11:07] Chad Deischer: well #1 on the list to do LOL

[11:07] Jon Sun: are they in that much demand, or we're not sure yet?

[11:07] Chad Deischer: true

[11:07] Jon Sun: whats the latest occupancy status?

[11:08] Mike Townsend: I didn't check this week yet

[11:08] Chad Deischer: Ok lets just put a notecard in saying please know that you can rent up to a month and how to do that

[11:08] Mike Townsend: Normally I do it last thing Sundays

[11:08] Jon Sun: roughly is fine

[11:08] Jon Sun: are we 50% full, 75% full or what?

[11:08] Chad Deischer: in rent bob notecard

[11:08] Chad Deischer: box

[11:08] Mike Townsend: about 75% full

[11:08] Chad Deischer: cool

[11:09] Now playing: The Dirtball - Bouncin'

[11:09] Jon Sun: thats great

[11:09] Mike Townsend: Yes I can do that

[11:09] Chad Deischer: no

[11:09] Mike Townsend: I will add that to the notecard

[11:09] Cuteulala Artis is online.

[11:09] Chad Deischer: :)

[11:09] Mike Townsend: Although some have not been in much this week

[11:09] Chad Deischer: summer is winding down

[11:09] Jon Sun: so if we assume the original areas will be full in another week or so...

[11:10] Mike Townsend: Yeah that could happen

[11:10] Mike Townsend: And we have the Tropicana Islands in reserve

[11:10] Jon Sun: we need that update to the month option installed pretty soon

[11:10] Chad Deischer: I try to look at the office to see if anyone is looking for info

[11:11] Mike Townsend: Well I think the info is distributed well enough

[11:11] Chad Deischer: yes

[11:11] Mike Townsend: And we have the website too

[11:11] Chad Deischer: but hands on help and a tour

[11:11] Chad Deischer: I enjoy

[11:11] Chad Deischer: if I can

[11:11] Jon Sun: yep, that always the best way

[11:11] Jon Sun: lean on us if you want Mike

[11:11] Mike Townsend: Tours are the way forward

[11:12] Mike Townsend: Thanks Jon :-)

[11:12] Now playing: Station Ident - K Selection Tropicana

[11:12] Now playing: Men at Work - Land Down Under with Lyrics

[11:12] Chad Deischer: yes :)

[11:12] Jon Sun: I know your IMs got snpwed the other day

[11:12] Jon Sun: snowed

[11:12] Mike Townsend: And you are right I think things will start to get busier in the winter

[11:12] Chad Deischer: for sure

[11:12] Jon Sun: yep

[11:12] Mike Townsend: Yes they did and you never know when you are AFK if you got everyones message

[11:13] Jon Sun: is there a way of having a central mailbox we could each triage?

[11:13] Chad Deischer: Things seem smoother now we are on the same server

[11:14] Jon Sun: or we just take it as they show up if we happen to be online

[11:14] Jon Sun: oh yeah, all the crossings are v smooth now

[11:14] Mike Townsend: Yes

[11:14] Chad Deischer: oh Allie is investigating the prospect of bringing a golf course to Tropicana ??

[11:14] Mike Townsend: We could set that up maybe

[11:14] Mike Townsend: She is but so far no reply

[11:15] Jon Sun: wow, I've never seen golf on here

[11:15] Chad Deischer: OK a interactive one ?

[11:15] Mike Townsend: Yep interactive but I havn't seen it

[11:15] Chad Deischer: or for looks

[11:15] Chad Deischer: wow cool

[11:15] Now playing: Station Ident - K Selection Tropicana

[11:15] Chad Deischer: would be fun

[11:15] Now playing: 08 Paul McCartney - Young Boy

[11:15] Mike Townsend: Allie has been busy the last part of this week so I didn't catch up with her but last time we spoke she had no reply

[11:15] Jon Sun: definitely

[11:16] Mike Townsend: It would and we could get more things like that maybe

[11:16] Mike Townsend: Mud wrestling might be interesting lol

[11:16] Chad Deischer: hahhahah yes

[11:16] Jon Sun: there's furniture for that

[11:16] Chad Deischer: I have seen that at Priape

[11:16] Mike Townsend: I know I have it

[11:16] Mike Townsend: Maybe after a party

[11:16] Chad Deischer: Naked mud wrestling

[11:16] Chad Deischer: LOL

[11:16] Mike Townsend: Even better lol

[11:17] Jon Sun: I did think we are also lacking a BDSM area.....those are popular

[11:17] Jon Sun: with all genders

[11:17] Mike Townsend: We have that in the castle at the VIP lounge

[11:18] Mike Townsend: But yes not on any of these open regions

[11:18] Mike Townsend: So that might be a good idea for sure

[11:18] Jon Sun: true, but maybe a room on board here? if theres any

[11:18] Chad Deischer: well the savage jungle has a dungeon and trees posts for that stuff

[11:18] Mike Townsend: Yes

[11:18] Mike Townsend: I boxed off a room in case we needed it so we do have another room he heh

[11:18] Jon Sun: there's some stuff scattered around for sure

[11:18] Mike Townsend: At the bow of the ship

[11:19] Chad Deischer: :)

[11:19] Jon Sun: but a dedicated dungeon room is better

[11:19] Jon Sun: for the ambience...hehe

[11:19] Chad Deischer: :P

[11:19] Mike Townsend: Yeah probably so a castle might be more appropriate?

[11:19] Now playing: Holly Valence - Kiss Kiss Official Video

[11:20] Jon Sun: depends if you want to add it here, or have a new castle elsewhere

[11:20] Mike Townsend: Although even the room inside the ship can be disguised

[11:20] Chad Deischer: Oh Mike yiou created region has been created at Neverworld for when OSgrid is down. I made a avatar account but what is the name or LM ?

[11:20] Mike Townsend: disguised

[11:20] Jon Sun: just put stone texture in the bow room

[11:20] Mike Townsend: exactly or rust

[11:20] Chad Deischer: :)

[11:20] Jon Sun: yep.....this ship is a theme park

[11:20] Chad Deischer: rust even better

[11:20] Mike Townsend: looking for the LM

[11:21] Jon Sun: yeah, rusty girders

[11:21] Mike Townsend: Yes

[11:21] Mike Townsend: Actually its probably best to use the website for the LM

[11:21] Mike Townsend:

[11:22] Mike Townsend: because if osgrid is down it won't help us lol

[11:22] ladyjo martin is online.

[11:22] Chad Deischer: Perfect Mike

[11:22] Chad Deischer: Thanks

[11:22] Jon Sun: good point

[11:22] Mike Townsend: but paste the url from the website in the map and thats much more reliable

[11:22] Jon Sun: duly favorited...

[11:22] Chad Deischer: ok

[11:22] Mike Townsend: Cool

[11:22] Chad Deischer: LOL

[11:23] Mike Townsend: So should we make these meetings open to everyone?

[11:23] Now playing: Unknown - Kenny Rogers coward of the country Lyrics

[11:23] Chad Deischer: I think so

[11:23] Jon Sun: I think a suggestion box at least

[11:23] Mike Townsend: Like all invited but still keep the original committee members for the final decisions

[11:23] Jon Sun: maybe some dont want the schedule issues

[11:23] Chad Deischer: yes

[11:23] Mike Townsend:Suggestion box is on the wall by the door to this office

[11:24] Chad Deischer: :)

[11:24] Jon Sun: ok, we can publicize it then

[11:24] Mike Townsend: I put it on the wall by the entrance

[11:24] Mike Townsend: Yes

[11:24] Chad Deischer: Jon have you seen our hot air Balloon

[11:24] Jon Sun: not yet

[11:24] Jon Sun: which region?

[11:24] Chad Deischer: let me pass you a copy its fun crosses all the regions very well

[11:24] Mike Townsend: The balloon is really good Jon

[11:25] Jon Sun: cool

[11:25] Mike Townsend: So we can invite everyone to the meetings then we agreed yes?

[11:25] Chad Deischer: I agree

[11:25] Mike Townsend: Cool

[11:25] Jon Sun: you can rez it anywhere on the grid?

[11:25] Mike Townsend: Yes Jon you can

[11:25] Chad Deischer: yes

[11:25] Jon Sun: excellent

[11:25] Chad Deischer: and crosses very well

[11:26] Mike Townsend: Yep

[11:26] Chad Deischer: to have speeds

[11:26] Chad Deischer: its so cool

[11:26] Mike Townsend: Sure is

[11:26] Jon Sun: on the list for later...

[11:26] Chad Deischer: to look down and see the regions bird eye

[11:27] Jon Sun: yeah, Spax had one on his sim that toured...

[11:27] Mike Townsend: While we grip the sides and hope that the stitching in the basket holds

[11:27] Chad Deischer: we can see if more than 2 can ride

[11:27] Now playing: Station Ident - D TROPICANA join us

[11:27] Chad Deischer: LOL

[11:27] Mike Townsend: The tour ones are good

[11:27] Now playing: Unknown - MARC BOLAN I LOVE TO BOOGIE

[11:28] Mike Townsend: lol Chad

[11:28] Mike Townsend: Fire Alert

[11:28] Mike Townsend: lol

[11:28] Chad Deischer: see if we can all sit

[11:28] Airballoon Tropicana OS Grid : :: is tuned for Terra Omega

[11:28] Jon Sun: I think he's dropping a hint...

[11:28] Chad Deischer: I will not take off

[11:28] Mike Townsend: lol yes

[11:28] Chad Deischer: jon can u

[11:28] Mike Townsend: Ship is going to be toast if that gas cannister goes off

[11:28] Jon Sun: seems not

[11:28] Chad Deischer: hmmm

[11:29] Airballoon Tropicana OS Grid : :: is tuned for Terra Omega

[11:29] Jon Sun: no suitable surface

[11:29] Airballoon Tropicana OS Grid : :: is tuned for Terra Omega

[11:29] Mike Townsend: So its for two then

[11:29] Chad Deischer: Ill work on more sits

[11:29] Mike Townsend: Cool

[11:29] Chad Deischer: jon try sitting now

[11:29] Jon Sun: yep, great

[11:29] Mike Townsend: or even a couples pose on the other side

[11:29] Airballoon Tropicana OS Grid : :: is tuned for Terra Omega

[11:29] Now playing: K Young - K Young - Lay You Down

[11:30] Chad Deischer: Ok cool I will mod it

[11:30] Chad Deischer: Oh Mike

[11:30] Mike Townsend: Yes

[11:30] Chad Deischer: do you have the original pic of the logo

[11:30] Mike Townsend: Sure

[11:30] Chad Deischer: I took a snapshot

[11:30] Mike Townsend: Oh hold on

[11:30] Chad Deischer: rather be clearer

[11:31] Chad Deischer: I will copy the sits

[11:31] Chad Deischer: think we can make it all 4 sides ?

[11:31] Chad Deischer: * 8 sits ?

[11:31] Jon Sun: lets also talk about parties....I think thats what will keep interest up on a regular basis

[11:32] Mike Townsend: I would say two sides I mean 8 in a basket is asking for trouble and we will bet splatted by the sea plane near the airport he eh

[11:32] Chad Deischer: LOL

[11:32] Jon Sun:

[11:32] Chad Deischer: Ok we can do 4

[11:32] Mike Townsend: lol

[11:32] Mike Townsend: ok so the parties

[11:32] Mike Townsend: I mean Lunchbox is keen

[11:32] Mike Townsend: Samz will come also

[11:32] Jon Sun: she was great

[11:33] Jon Sun: so was samz

[11:33] Chad Deischer: yes very good

[11:33] Mike Townsend: And we could use Zoree on a regular basis she was good so it would probably have to be monthly

[11:33] Mike Townsend: And there is the issue of tips

[11:33] Chad Deischer: I uses pay pal

[11:33] Jon Sun: should we do a booked monthly, and pop ups whwnever

[11:33] Now playing: Adele - Someone Like You Lyrics

[11:34] Chad Deischer: pay pal works for me

[11:34] Jon Sun: I can too, paypal

[11:34] Mike Townsend: Yes Jon maybe thats good for the singer but we could probably do with one party night a week

[11:34] Mike Townsend: Yeah I use paypal too but not sure if Lunch or Samz have that

[11:34] Mike Townsend: I can find out

[11:34] Chad Deischer: yes we can split it

[11:34] Grid: Items successfully shared.

[11:35] Mike Townsend: I will ask her

[11:35] Chad Deischer: Saturdays are tough for me

[11:35] Mike Townsend: ok so we need to pick the best day for all of us

[11:35] Mike Townsend: What about Sundays?

[11:35] Jon Sun: mostly the same, and I know Brock skips saturdays as well

[11:36] Jon Sun: Friday or Sunday I think

[11:36] Mike Townsend: Okies Chad

[11:36] Chad Deischer: the day of the party I canceled

[11:36] Mike Townsend: Oh thats no good lets make it Friday or Sunday then

[11:36] Mike Townsend: Which is best?

[11:36] Chad Deischer: and when the OS grod was down I felt like bad thank goodness it came up

[11:36] Jon Sun: given the Euro side, Sunday might be easier

[11:37] Mike Townsend: A lot go out on a Friday night

[11:37] Mike Townsend: Yes I think so Jon

[11:37] Jon Sun: if US folk are working Friday

[11:37] Chad Deischer: Sunday is fine

[11:37] Jon Sun: that too Mike

[11:37] Mike Townsend: ok lets run with that I will get Lunch to kick off next Sunday if she can do it

[11:37] Jon Sun: perfect

[11:37] Mike Townsend: Say 12pm SLT?

[11:37] Chad Deischer: so you know

[11:38] Jon Sun: yep, that 3pm eastern

[11:38] Chad Deischer: I go away Sat and will not be back for 2 weeks

[11:38] Now playing: Station Ident - ENJOY SELECTION TROPICANA

[11:38] Chad Deischer: so this Sunday I will not be here

[11:38] Now playing: Young Lace - Ass Like Nicki Minaj

[11:38] Mike Townsend: OK Chad np I understand

[11:38] Jon Sun: we'll miss you...

[11:38] Mike Townsend: Yeah we will

[11:38] Chad Deischer: will be here the 19th

[11:38] Mike Townsend: Who is going to feed the fish at Turtle Bay while you are away?

[11:38] Chad Deischer: LOL

[11:39] Jon Sun: ok, but that will be the case from time to time for all of us

[11:39] Mike Townsend: Yes it will

[11:39] Chad Deischer: I have al ady coming to feed my pond fish and feral cat

[11:40] Chad Deischer: Mike

[11:40] Jon Sun: actually we should keep in tuch about time away, so we can cover tours and chats with noobs etc

[11:40] Mike Townsend: Yes

[11:40] Mike Townsend: I think we just need to let each other know

[11:40] Mike Townsend: Nothing too formal

[11:40] Jon Sun: yep, and only if going to be away for a week or more

[11:40] Mike Townsend: Also there is now a blog on the website

[11:40] Chad Deischer: I can look at Discord now and then but usually dont look at phone much

[11:41] Chad Deischer: while on vac

[11:41] Mike Townsend: If either of you want to sometimes post stuff I can set it up for you

[11:41] Chad Deischer: thanks

[11:41] Mike Townsend: Discord is good for keeping in touch

[11:41] Jon Sun: sure

[11:41] Jon Sun: yep, I use discord when travelling

[11:41] Chad Deischer: yes I can pop in there and say hi

[11:41] Mike Townsend: Yeah its great for that and voice too

[11:41] Mike Townsend: Cool

[11:41] Jon Sun: if the world settles down, I'll be on business travel sometimes again

[11:41] ladyjo martin is offline.

[11:42] Mike Townsend: Yeah me too actually

[11:42] Now playing: Don't - '89

[11:43] Now playing: Gesaffelstein The Weeknd - Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd - Lost in the Fire (Official Video)

[11:43] Jon Sun: about every other month

[11:43] Chad Deischer: well Tropicana Airlines has great meal service

[11:43] Mike Townsend: So we discussed the residential properties and rental boxes so item 4 on the list we covered I reckon

[11:43] Mike Townsend: lol Chad

[11:43] Mike Townsend: ha ha

[11:43] Chad Deischer: and you get layed after landing

[11:43] Jon Sun: hehe....and a mile high club Chad?

[11:43] Mike Townsend: ROFL

[11:43] Chad Deischer: :P

[11:43] Mike Townsend: Happy Endings Airways

[11:44] Chad Deischer: hahhahaha

[11:44] Jon Sun: rofl Mike

[11:44] Jon Sun: how do we add songs to the radio station Mike?

[11:44] Chad Deischer: Jon said this

[11:44] Chad Deischer: Jon Sun: we could call his Up and Over airport

Chad Deischer: Ohh this cool

Jon Sun: and fly from UP and Over to Down Under

[11:44] Mike Townsend: So the new radio station is up and running and people can send their favourite songs in via a You Tube link

[11:44] Chad Deischer: :)

[11:44] Mike Townsend: lol

[11:45] Mike Townsend: I have to add them by ftp

[11:45] Chad Deischer: That is so cool mike

[11:45] Jon Sun: brilliant

[11:45] Mike Townsend: but if someone else knows how to use a Centrova shoutcast I can give them the details and share the login

[11:45] Chad Deischer: not me sorry

[11:45] Jon Sun: no idea here

[11:45] Mike Townsend: A lot of the DJs and singers use it

[11:45] Chad Deischer: took me a while to figure Flicr out

[11:46] Mike Townsend: Ah ok maybe one day I can show one of you

[11:46] Chad Deischer: :P

[11:46] Now playing: Station Ident - D Come and Join our growing community

[11:46] Jon Sun: I only joined Flckr to see our

[11:46] Mike Townsend: Well non of this media stuff is user friendly at first Chad

[11:46] Mike Townsend: lol Jon

[11:46] Now playing: Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving

[11:46] Chad Deischer: nods

[11:46] Mike Townsend: Actually yes we need to encourage others to use it and Discord too

[11:46] Chad Deischer: I added a few Jon

[11:47] Jon Sun: I'll look again

[11:47] Jon Sun: Brocks working on those Tees btw

[11:47] Chad Deischer: can you use voice on discord without face

[11:47] Mike Townsend: Oh cool that will be great

[11:47] Chad Deischer: The tees looked great

[11:48] Jon Sun: I said he should release in batches to keep folk coming back

[11:48] Mike Townsend: Yes Chad but you have to point your ass at the screen instead *smiles hoping

[11:48] Chad Deischer: LOL

[11:48] Mike Townsend: And yes you can just voice only on it

[11:48] Mike Townsend: And mute too

[11:48] Chad Deischer: I clicked voice one day and gave my friend a show in error

[11:48] Mike Townsend: He is very good with the tees for sure

[11:48] lando maremagnum is online.

[11:49] Mike Townsend: Lucky friend lol

[11:49] Chad Deischer: hahhaha

[11:49] Jon Sun: you should see some of the other new ones he has.....

[11:49] Mike Townsend: The Pepsi and coke ones Jon?

[11:49] Jon Sun: "Mount and Do me"

[11:49] Mike Townsend: Those were funny

[11:49] Chad Deischer: hahahhahahhahha

[11:49] Mike Townsend: Yeah ha ha

[11:49] Chad Deischer: love that must have that Tee

[11:50] Jon Sun: "I NEED A HUGe dick in my ass..."

[11:50] Jon Sun: the last line in small print

[11:50] Mike Townsend: ha ha

[11:50] Chad Deischer: lol

[11:51] Chad Deischer: Oh I need stuff to give away for the south airport huts

[11:51] Mike Townsend: So we covered almost everything on the list right?

[11:51] Chad Deischer: I think so Mike

[11:51] Jon Sun: yep, looks like it

[11:51] Mike Townsend: Just Welcoming new visitors and extra things to entice them if we have any new ideas

[11:51] Chad Deischer: yes

[11:52] Mike Townsend: You mentioned freebies at the airport for example

[11:52] Chad Deischer: when I get back Mike can I also have a online poster

[11:52] Mike Townsend: Maybe at the airports and ports and key areas we can sneak in some freebies

[11:52] Jon Sun: I think we put the Tropicana shirt vendors all over

[11:52] Chad Deischer: might be helpful

[11:52] Mike Townsend: Online Poster?

[11:52] Chad Deischer: yes like you and David have

[11:53] Mike Townsend: Yes we could

[11:53] Mike Townsend: We have an online poster?

[11:53] Chad Deischer: I hope to be more involved

[11:53] Mike Townsend: Oh right

[11:53] Mike Townsend: ah wait

[11:53] Chad Deischer: for the owners of the regions

[11:53] Now playing: Station Ident - TC04 Tropicana for all your adult entertainment needs in Opensim

[11:53] Now playing: Mahmut Orhan Colonel Bagshot - 6 Days MalYar Beat Boy Remix

[11:53] Chad Deischer: or admins

[11:54] Mike Townsend: I had a framed one

[11:54] Chad Deischer: no copy

[11:54] Chad Deischer: hahahhaha

[11:55] Mike Townsend: That one is copy

[11:55] Mike Townsend: There you go

[11:55] Chad Deischer: cool will add them

[11:55] Chad Deischer: Thanks

[11:55] Mike Townsend: Take one too Jon

[11:55] Jon Sun: got it

[11:56] Mike Townsend: I think mainly we need them at the sandbox and Rental office if you can put yours up there too

[11:56] Mike Townsend: Maybe at Tropicana too

[11:56] Mike Townsend: Key areas

[11:56] Chad Deischer: ok

[11:56] Jon Sun: yeah, the landings

[11:56] Mike Townsend: I have mine at the VIP Lounge and estate office as well as Tropicana and not sure but maybe Tropicana Ocean too

[11:57] Mike Townsend: I didnt put it on the others

[11:57] Now playing: R. Kelly - It Seems Like You're Ready

[11:57] Chad Deischer: ok

[11:57] Chad Deischer: That one is your Mike

[11:57] Chad Deischer: The boat looks awesome

[11:58] Chad Deischer: was looking last night

[11:58] Mike Townsend: Yes its the orginal one I found

[11:58] Mike Townsend: Thanks Chad yeah we should get some parties going here

[11:58] Chad Deischer: yes

[11:58] Jon Sun: I said we should have a ship orgy

[11:58] Chad Deischer: :P

[11:58] Mike Townsend: Yeah we should actually organise that

[11:59] Mike Townsend: Maybe at the VIP Lounge where people can feel a bit more comfortable, something for the regulars

[11:59] Mike Townsend: On the boat there

[11:59] Mike Townsend: I mean here too possibly

[11:59] Mike Townsend: Depends what people want I guess

[11:59] Chad Deischer: yes

[11:59] Chad Deischer: you have lots to choose here

[12:00] Jon Sun: you could always lock down this region for that for a

[12:00] Mike Townsend: Right let me copy this textk I can paste it on the blog later for everyone to read if thats ok

[12:00] Jon Sun: once the interested parties are here....hehe

[12:00] Mike Townsend: Yes Jon good idea

[12:00] Chad Deischer: yes

[12:01] Jon Sun: good idea to paste the transcript

[12:01] Chad Deischer: yes for sure

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