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Love Boat - Happy Hour

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Every Wednesday at 12pm PDT we would encourage you to make the effort to meet up with other residents at Tropicana. One of the worst things about Opensim can be the lack of people around just when you feel in the mood to socialise. Lets try and change that and encourage others to share their friendship with us.

The Love Boat is located at the Tropicana Entertainment region. We hold our main events here but it is also available for anyone to use. We will all meet at the bar and get to know each other. Afterwards feel free to wander around the Love Boat. Dress code as always at Tropicana is whatever you want to wear, or nothing at all.

We may decide to just chat or dance at the club. We might get up to other things as there is a tendency for people to pair off and use the boat *winks

This is a social event so you are not pressured into taking part in anything. You do what you want to do in Tropicana. This is your space, your home and your decision. We value your company and the fact that you joined us to socialise with us.

Note: Tropicana Estates is LGBT friendly and the Love Boat caters for all tastes. All rooms are public access although some are themed especially for personal tastes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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