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Trolls at Parties

Personally I hate discussing politics or religion in virtual communities. It often leads to trouble since many people are totally set in their ways and will not consider anyone elses perspective on things. However, some people are out looking for trouble. This might be an interesting article for anyone else who has been on the receiving end of someone pressing a point in the most inappropriate time or place.

Parties in Openim are supposed to be the very places where we can go and relax and stay away from drama. Generally they are. There will occassionally be some friction between people but for the most part it can be ignored and the trouble often goes away of its own accord.

I recently made the decision to turn off IM's at parties since it becomes too much to follow local chat and then engage in detailed conversations with up to 6 people at any one time. I am there for the music, the local chat, and the banter. I also often help with notices and group calls announcing the venue and the party that I am attending. I created an announcement that made it clear that I did not want to be disturbed. It reads "I am sorry. If you get this message it means I am having some private time out and do not want to be disturbed." People still choose to ignore that but I am getting very good at just NOT opening IMs during a party.

Imagine then, a persistant person who wants to ignore your request and decides to hold a conversation in open chat and to criticise the country in which you live. A party is not the place for this. I tried to explain that the country is not all bad and that there were some things that they do better than Europe. That country is Turkey. A country where it is safe to walk the streets at night, where fuel stations are not DIY self service and where the transport system works effectively. Even the medical services in Turkey are better than in some places in Europe.

Well rather than accept a point of view of a European living in Turkey, he then rants about the leader of Turkey being a dictator. Now as much as I do not like Erdogan he cannot possibly be a dictator when over 80% of its citizens voted and Erdogan won. As a bit of background here. I can confirm that when you vote in Turkey you must have your voting card and your national identity card with you so that your attendance in person can be verified. This is more controlled than in most European elections with members from opposing parties being observers in each room and delegates from each party counter checking the votes at the end of voting. Turkey is a full Democracy. It had full democratic free elections.

Well the elections in Turkey are bias he says. Excuse me? The the UN or EU have said the elections are free but not fair because much of the media and press backs Erdogan. Hmmmm. Rupert Murdoch ring any bells? You would have to live in Turkey to understand the intricasies of the Turkish press but "Mr Know it All" with his bias and closed mind is not having it. He wants to pursue this matter even after the party has ended. He is not going to let go. Apparently I have changed and he feels sorry for me living in a place like Turkey.

I have news for you. I would much rather be in Turkey than living in Europe and I am here by choice. I feel sorry for you with your grey skies and very matter of fact lifestyle, believing everything you read in your local press and turning up at what is supposed to be a relaxed drama free party atmosphere and plugging your agenda persistently where it is not wanted. If you want to resort to personal abuse in an IM then I have two words for you. The first begins with an "F" and the last word ends with two "F's"

*Turkey does have its issues as with any country. In Europe we scream human rights and unfair LGBT treatment and the imprisoning of journalists. However, to understand the very detailed reasons behind this complicated and conservative country you will need to study and look beyond what you read in the mainstream press. There is a lot of information online that can keep you better informed if you have the inclination to check your facts first.

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