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Tropicana ~Second Life


Our move to Second Life was intended to be a temporary arrangement. It was originally intended as a backup area for when the OSgrid in Opensim closed. However, since then it has become a staging point many migrants from the OSgrid. However it is also a good location to take people from Second Life who are interested in seeing what Opensim has to offer. It works both ways.

We use this facility as a springboard from which to explore the wider Second Life and Opensim but its value as a Tropicana OSgrid meeting point has become well established now. On the grould level we have the visitor Centre. There is also a skybox home for general use for changing or for use while you are in SL. There is also a good photos studio for making your profile pics. From the visitor centre you can select your location and hit the "GO" button on the alcove wall in the cafeteria.

Visiting from the OSgrid

Since many of us also have accounts at Second Life it seemed that the most sensible option would be to create a landing point and meeting area in Second Life.

It is easy to create an avatar in Second Life. Just click on this link, click on the sign up tab and follow the instructions:

The location of Tropicana Hangout can be found here:

Visiting from Second Life


To logIn to the OSgrid you can download the Firestorm Opensim version of the viewer. All you then need to do is create an account. The full instructions on how to do this can be found at the visitor centre.

Once you have created your OSgrid avatar just open your viewer, change the grid name to OSgrid and then login.

Navigating around OSgrid is fairly straight forward. You can just use the map or the opensim directory which can be found here:

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